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WineQuest is a privately held company founded in 2002. Our corporate vision is "All consumers are empowered to freely express their preferences and to discover and buy wines with confidence"


For decades, the wine experience has been an intimidating one for most people (consumers and staff). Consumers are confused by traditional restaurant wine lists which offer pages of wines with terminology they know little about, and by the long aisles of products at retail stores. Staff typically understands a small group of featured wines but little on the rest. As a result, many consumers either choose a beer or cocktail or will order wine by guesswork, which often ends in an ho-hum to disappointing experience.


Ensure every consumer at a restaurant or retail store has a positive and memorable wine experience by giving them product they will love. How can this be done? With tools that present wine organized around a consumer's personal preferences. This can be as simple as a Progressive Wine List organized by flavor which make it easy for any guest to find a suitable wine or any server to make a good recommendation. Or this can be advanced digital technologies utilizing consumer profiling and presenting product organized to an individual's unique preferences.


Wine Menu Manager: Allows restaurants to create, manage, and present wine in a Progressive Wine List that any guest or server can understand - no matter their prior knowledge of wine. These lists can be easily updated, printed, and handed to a guest within minutes. When fully implemented, our restaurant customers can see annual increases in wine sales up to 35% along with higher guest satisfaction scores.

WineQuest Mobile: Will I Like this Wine? WineQuest is the first and the best at 1:1 predictive wine analytics. Our technology generates accurate preferential predictions by matching individual consumer wine flavor preferences and aversions to product-specific flavor attributes. The methodology is sophisticated and detailed so it can identify small nuances in personal preferences, thereby directing consumers to the wines that will "wow" their tastes, resulting in more positive purchase experiences. Our tools can help transform a product category often characterized by confusion and low brand loyalty into one that nurtures consumer trust, increases purchase confidence, and generates repeat business.

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